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ZIONICON Jul. 28th, 2007 @ 05:59 am
All of the Presidential Candidates champion Zionism and Arabian Xenophobia, but among Democrats with a chance at winning the Party's nomination, Barack Obama is the worst and poses more of a threat to the World stage:

Barack Obama: Israel is our most reliable ally and the only established democracy in the Middle East. Israel's security and close US-Israel cooperation is the linchpin of so much of what we want to achieve in the Middle East.

The United States and Israel share important interests - promoting a peaceful Middle East, combating terrorism, and encouraging reform in the Arab and Muslim world. We share adversaries - Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hizbullah. And we share deep economic, cultural, academic, and scientific ties that benefit both our nations.

The special relationship between the United States and Israel requires an open and honest dialogue, and strong personal ties, between our nations' leaders. As President, I would maintain regular communication with the Israeli Prime Minister, and instruct members of my administration to do the same at all levels.

I would continue and deepen the strategic dialogue between our nations' defense establishments, insist on fully funding military assistance to Israel to ensure it can defend itself, and expand cooperation on the development of the Arrow and other missile defense systems.

Israel's security - which is of vital importance to the United States - can best be guaranteed by reaching negotiated peace agreements with its neighbors. But Israel must have credible partners with whom to negotiate.

As President, I would actively involve myself in the effort to strengthen moderate Palestinians and others who can be such partners, and to make such negotiations successful, while working to isolate and weaken those who seek Israel's destruction. But I would never try to dictate to Israel what its security requires. The United States should never try to drag Israel to, or block Israel from, the negotiating table.

Finally, I would pursue a comprehensive strategy - of direct engagement, increased economic pressure through international and US sanctions, and keeping the military option on the table - to keep Iran from achieving its goal of acquiring nuclear weapons, which is a danger we cannot tolerate.

Just last week, I introduced legislation to make it easier for states to divest their pension funds from companies that support Iran's oil and gas industry. Israel does not have the luxury of ignoring the Iranian president's genocidal threats, and neither should the United States.

Like Israel's 400 fucking nukes isn't enough. It's already been established he wont engage Hamas in peace talks. So the rest is Obama's BANG BANG.

AND BECAUSE we arm Israel to the hilt and employ countless of thousands of American workers making weapons for Israel WE HAVE TO ANSWER TO ISRAEL on who gets elected and who doesn't. As a general rule this only is pertinent to Congressional delegates relying on campaign contributions in their districts. Defense contractors will dole out BIG BUCKS to keep the production lines going.

AIPAC's only stronghold over D.C. politics is in its arms whoring initiative.


The Audacity of Fraud: How Barack Obama Is Losing My Vote Jul. 27th, 2007 @ 08:58 pm

Obama's Not What he Seems Jul. 26th, 2007 @ 04:09 pm
In May of this year Obama crafted a bill that would if enacted impose further economic sanctions on Iran: thus not reaching out for peace, but rather continuing the neocon lie Iran having or making nuclear weapons.

GovTrack's website is flooded right now. Obama's bill is S.1430, and it explicitly states sanctions on Iran's nuclear energy platform.

In his Foreign Policy outline, he alludes to being open to Russian Federation President Putin's offer to build PAC3s within Russian Federation borders, as opposed having them built in Poland, where President Bush wants them built. The PAC3s aren't for protecting Europe from Iranian ballistic missiles; they're war planning implementation to feign retaliatory strikes from Russia or China when the U.S preempts war on Iran.

Maybe Obama supporters really want to profit off of our soldiers' senseless deaths by continuing to take advantage of the war machine's racket in steel, copper and nickel stocks jumping 300-400% annually.

The U.S. Iranian propaganda began shortly after war was declared on the Taliban; photos were allegedly given to President Bush by Ariel Sharon's Military Adviser General Yoav Gallan. The photos were reportedly of over 450 satellite snap shots the Israeli General swore were nuclear weapons installations. The IAEA soon became involved to clear matters and reported no such nuclear weapons grade enrichment programs were found.

CNN reported it.

AIPAC has been lobbying for war on Iran ever since.

How can anyone possibly think, after reading S.1430, Obama would do anything at all to alleviate tensions with Iran or Syria at this point? The U.S. wants Iran totally immobilized and kept from competing in the World's economic power bloc the U.S. has plans for in the Middle East. With a nuclear power plant functioning, they could afford to contract constructing oil refineries in Iran. That's what all the sanctions legal or under the radar trade embargoes are about. That, and a regime change; which, to Muslim-Arabs, takes dictators to keep control and order in the land. A mistake the Bush Administration made by deposing Saddam Hussein. Robert Novak even warned the Republican base about it in his column.

Western Capitalization in the Middle East outside of Israel is a pipe dream.

There's nothing diplomatic to be done save lift trade embargoes and economic sanctions on Iran and let them come of age. If you read that bill of Obama's, you would know he doesn't have plans to do anything of the sort.

Obama is trying to continue the Bush doctrine. We can't let that happen!

We haven't been this close to a nuclear war since the Cold War. It's time to get the star-struck out of the clouds.

They From The Moral High Ground In 8 Years, Jul. 24th, 2007 @ 02:26 am
Republicans will have institutionalized: xenophobia, so long as it doesn't interfere with the economic power bloc in the formation of the North American Union and Muslims' genocide; homophobia; corporate rule; religious exploitation; religious intolerance; a dictatorial Executive Branch; and a Supreme Court, Justice Department, State Department, and Department of Defense that have rendered meaningless the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Worse, they've managed to manipulate a vast majority of the 85% of Christians that comprise the population of America into thinking it's all been for their own good. And they'll continue, until the Democratic Party is no more and they've forged, legitimately, a Corporate Socialist State.

This Country is destined to fall fast and tragic.

Government By the Corporation, Of the Corporation, For the Corporation? Jul. 23rd, 2007 @ 09:27 pm
NEW YORK, July 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In our Intelligence Community, employees of corporations are handling sensitive government responsibilities including analytical products that are incorporated into our nation's most important and sensitive document, the President's Daily Brief. Intelligence expert Dr. R.J. Hillhouse who revealed the surprising details commented, "Thanks to outsourcing, for-profit companies have the American president's ear on a daily basis and their words carry the weight of the combined intelligence agencies of the United States. The possibilities for manipulating politics on a global scale are unprecedented and chilling." The President's Daily Brief is a summary and analysis of national security issues that requires the President's immediate attention and that the National Intelligence Director presents to the President each morning.

Across the board, U.S. government intelligence agencies are now highly dependent upon the staff of companies for critical national security functions. Corporate intelligence professionals from companies such as Lockheed, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC and others are thoroughly integrated into analytical divisions throughout the Intelligence Community, including the Office of the Director of National Intelligence which produces the final document of the President's Daily Briefing, based upon analytical products created by the Intelligence Community. "It would be hard to find an analytical product that does not have contractor involvement in some way, shape, or form. And it's not just the products. Raw intelligence gathered by contractors also goes into the pipeline," Dr. Hillhouse says. "These analytical products from multiple agencies are sifted through, probably in part by contractors, and presented to the President every day as the U.S. Government's most accurate and most current assessment of priority national security issues. It's true that the government pays for and signs off on the assessment, but much of the analysis and even some of the underlying intelligence gathering is corporate." Corporations have so penetrated the Intelligence Community that it's impossible to distinguish their work from the government's. Although, the President's Daily Brief has the seal of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, it is misleading. "For full disclosure, the PDB really should look more like NASCAR with corporate logos plastered all over it."

Dr. Hillhouse warns of the dangers. "Theoretically, if a corporation wanted to manipulate the national security agenda, it could introduce something into the system and no one would realize what's happening, particularly since these companies have analysts and often intelligence collectors spread throughout the system. For argument's sake, let's say a company is frustrated with a government that's hampering its business or business of one of its clients. Introducing and spinning intelligence on that government's suspected collaboration with terrorists would quickly get the White House's attention and could be used to shape national policy. To get us into the Iraq war, manipulation of intelligence regarding alleged weapons of mass destruction had to be very artfully done to short-circuit a formidable bureaucracy designed to prevent just such warping of intelligence. Due to the shift toward wide-scale industrial outsourcing in the Intelligence Community, that safeguard has been eroded. You no longer need flaky sources like 'Curveball.' A much slicker job could now go undetected for years. This is particularly frightening when you realize the War on Terror is fought by a $100 billion plus industry."

Solutions are readily available, Dr. Hillhouse points out. "There's really no need to move this service from the private sector back into government. The tools are already there in the private sector that could be applied, at least in concept, to monitor for any suspicious activity. It's a matter of leadership by the DNI."

An expert on the intelligence and military outsourcing, Dr. Hillhouse is the author of a new book, Outsourced. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and Washington Post and she is a frequent media guest.

Dr. Hillhouse is available for interviews.

For information, contact:
Maryann Palumbo
Maryann Palumbo Marketing Concepts, Inc.
718 680 6483 or mpmarkcon@aol.com
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» Democratic YouTube Debate
Overall I think Obama came out really strong; especially on health care, ridding religion in policy making, and lobby reform. However the only lobbies he appears to want to reform are the pharmaceutical and insurance.

His contradicting himself that he's for diplomacy and preemptive war didn't escape me though. As a matter of fact he admitted, paraphrased, "When I put troops on the ground, the decision will be made in the interests of the troops and their families."

He hit all the right tones concerning domestic issues. But his Middle East Capitalization vision, changes not one whit from this current Administration's efforts. Therefore I feel his socialized health care plan is a bone tossing to the left that wont be implemented. Don't be disillusioned.

Clinton, well, she hit every tone without coming off like a neocon hawk; and she included energy reform and energy lobby reform by advocating self-perpetuating nuclear fusion grids to shy away from dependence on oil. The only candidate that even remotely touched the issue.

Binen would make a good Vice President or Secretary of State. Too few give him credit for stopping neocons from preempting war on Iran in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I also feel he would be a good President.

Clinton and Obama were tied in dominating the debate; but I feel Clinton was more sincere than Obama.

My vote for our Party's nomination is Clinton, for the sole reason she was the only candidate that didn't put personal partisanship over Party; which is the sole reason she's leading as far as she is in Dem polls. That, and the fact that she's one classy, dignified, diplomatic, Democratic reformationist leader.
» (No Subject)
In response to William S. Lind's How to Win in Iraq

It's precisely that same strategy of 'building peace to fail' that united CIA-trained Muslim fundamentalist extremists in opposition to Pax Americana's hegemonic monolith.

The chief underlying argument posed in the piece on its face serves little more than a U.S. government subsidy for American munitions manufacturers, quite like Israel. Where it gets interesting is this: A Shi'a led Iraqi State receiving 'arms aid' and is dependent on the U.S. to bolster its image as a military threat, will result in one of two scenarios: Arms will be traded to Iranians partial to cleric rule; or arms will be traded to Iranians loyal to a democratic Islamic rule. Al-Sadr would bring peace by pandering to liberal Muslims who want a less oppressive reign in the region; not quite fitting in the strategy. On the other hand if Abdul Aziz al-Hakim were to lead Iraq, assuredly there would be on the table a unified effort to topple Israel. I hear Mossad's training Kurds anticipating this move.

Nor did I like his allusion of preemption on Iran. We're seeing a posture from Putin not expected; and China waits in anticipation for our economic military complex to crumble.

Nevertheless, Palestine's a sore spot among all Arab-Muslims, moderate or no. And Arab-Muslims blame America as much as they do Israel for it. The move threatens to totally undermine stability throughout the entire Middle East indefinitely. Linear thinking hawks might see that as acceptable, but the chances of forging the entire region in opposition against us is unimaginable; especially if Israel thinks we crossed them. Possible nuclear war.

His is an exit strategy that only a mad man would implement; and if that's all that's collectively coming out of think tanks, from both sides of the isle, I'm moving to the Bavarian Mountains.
» (No Subject)
Remove corporate interests and special interests from politics. Distinctions ever-recede between the differences of non-regulated free enterprise acting as the only entity entitled to the right to influence governmental edicts. The only special interests groups that manage to manipulate votes very often are those Christian moral indignation out-cries that end up amassing trillions for pharmaceutical and insurance corporations. Corporate America's dictating domestic and foreign policies are analogous to bribery, State sanctioned terrorism, extortion, treason and blackmail.

Debates throughout the decades pertaining Democratic Capitalism vs. non-governmental regulation on free enterprise are meaningless. Corporate interests dictate all manner of local, state and federal regulation by Reaganomics, which boils down to taxing the hell out of Middle Class America to further Anarcho-Capitalism.

Reagan; as an example in my asserting State sanctioned terrorism, treason and extortion; underwrote 24 American corporations to arm both Iran and Iraq with weapons of mass destruction in the 1982 Iran-Iraq war. I'm pretty certain with lucid hindsight the move ultimately undermined our government by putting National Security at risk; especially considering Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. continued Reagan's vision for a Democratic Capitalist Middle East. And I'm here to tell you that there is a Contra Scandal waiting to be found in the GAO's Operation Iraqi Freedom investigation, reporting the U.S. Army's missing 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units.

Reaganomics is near an end due to Middle Class America virtually becoming cleansed. The only way to balance our trade deficit, save social security and medicare, secure order and Democracy in our Country by virtue of candidates being limited in their domestic and foreign agendas if they want their campaigns funded, is by bipartisan regulation of lobby and campaign contributions; enacting comprehensive tax reform on tax rates on capital gains, corporate income, higher individual incomes, and excise taxes to fund affordable health care and non-Draconian education initiatives.

Republicans wont hear any of it, and because of that debates on all fronts on Capital hill have ended two terms ago, and so it seems indefinitely.

We've exhausted a Democratic Capitalist Republic to irrelevancy just like so many during the Cold War knew we would. American pride is such that the denial assures America's governmental and economic inadequacies will continue, and in such a way that will perpetually erode our civil liberties and the chances of restoring sane and responsible government. Then, on that inevitable day, America will be conquered by some other Country's conquest.

The question that remains: What next? And dare I say "await Christ's return" isn't in the grab bag. Nor is "nuclear missile silos engaged." As much as lunatics on the far-fright fringe think they should be; they shouldn't.

Why is it that they can't understand they do not have my support for their the genocidal agenda building Democratic Capitalist Republics in the Middle East when it's proven not to work in America? We're to give our trust and faith America and Americans will benefit; when the truth is, the initiative will only benefit Globalist Capitalists who refuse to share the wealth and take away more of our freedoms. It's moving full speed ahead though, King Bush's unchanged course and all, to America's doom.

Short of a military coup by American Generals and Admirals who've the slightest glimmer of Constitutional Patriotism, America may as well be from henceforth considered Communist China.
» The Real Situation In Iraq
Two of the three dominant political movements in Iraq are in opposition by varying degrees to the U.S. formed Iraqi National Congress led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and each other.

The first of which is the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (formerly the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq), a secular Shi'a movement, originating in Iran, that was formed to topple Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath regime in the 1982 Iran-Iraq war. The other is the Islamic Dawa Party now led by Muqtada al-Sadr; a Shi'a movement originally aimed at combating secularism, Communism, and Sunnis who are Socialist loyalists. Sunnis by and large are Socialist; only a very small percent of Sunni Socialists were aligned with the rogue Iraqi Ba'ath regime - that, despite U.S. propaganda, wasn't loyal ideologically with Syria's Ba'ath Socialist Party.

The Islamic Dawa Party was responsible for the failed assassination attempt on Saddam Hussein that resulted in brutal retaliation by Saddam Hussein. The backlash of that assassination attempt was the sole reason the U.S. intervened in Iraq to form a puppet government and try Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity. So in a sense you can say the U.S. was in bed with the Islamic Dawa Party in the Iran-Iraq struggle. What wasn't counted on by the U.S. is the political shift the Islamic Dawa Party underwent when the leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, the Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, was assassinated in 2003. Before the assassination both the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council and the Islamic Dawa Party were aligned, somewhat; after, both disagree on issues of Islamic State governance. The former wants a cleric and scholar led Islamic government based on Islamic Law, like Iran; the latter, who the U.S. now claims is a terrorist organization, wants an Islamic government based on Islamic Law for the Muslim community in Iraq as a whole who can interpret for themselves the Quran. Neither, I stress, neither, favor the convoluted and to them Godless Democratic Capitalism the West wants for the Iraqi people. That both Parties hold just as many seats on the Iraqi National Congress as U.S. placed puppet politicians, makes this one stalemate that can't be settled militarily. If Iran is supplying arms to any number of the countless Islamic factions opposed to the West's dictated Democracy on the Iraqi people, is rather beside the point. According to them, it's their religious right to do so.

What's being spun by the White House and filtrated through media outlets is that all opposing the U.S. occupation are terrorists, insurgents, and yes, "Al-Qaeda". They are lies. Iraqis are fighting against Coalition Forces. The only faction the U.S. had as allies were Sunni clerics and scholars. We lost them as allies once the U.S. attempted to privatize Iraqi oil.

There is no way the U.S. can salvage this war that began as a regime change. No way. The longer we are there will only strengthen a unified movement to drive us out of the Middle East. We need to leave, bring our troops home and let a diplomatic U.N. Peace Keeping mission intervene; like the U.N. told the U.S., and the U.S. ignored, needed to happen prior to the U.S. led "liberation" effort.

Seeming moderate Republicans like Chuck Hagel are attempting to form and send a U.S. diplomatic envoy to Iran, no doubt for Republican votes and a superficial attempt known to fail so hawks can justify declaring war on Iran. Aren't Republicans too predicable?

Bring our troops home, and urge your State's Representatives and Senators to stay out of it. Furthering, militarily or even diplomatically by the U.S., threatens with ever-increasing velocity our National Security.

Even U.S. trained Iraqi forces are now fighting the U.S. led Coalition. It's lost. We lost. We need to realign our forces, at home, and prepare for but preferably curtail military struggle on U.S. soil.

The only reason we're in Iraq at this point is to keep violence away from U.S. territory. While a point, and a good one, it's in direct violation with every known provision in the Geneva Treaty. It's criminal. It's genocide. We are killing Iraqis for not wanting America's vision for Iraq. That's insane.
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